June 2nd - 6th 2020

Conducted Online

See 5 Most Promising Ideas

Calling all young female aspiring entrepreneurs

Generation Unlimited 2020

UNICEF and UNDP in partnership with King's College and invite young people aged 14-24 from all around Nepal to propose problem ideas and represent Nepal on a global stage.

About Generation Unlimited

Call for young female aspiring entrepreneurs for Generation Unlimited 2020

If you have a zeal to solve issues pertinent in your society, join us along with 50 other participants in an online design thinking workshop from 2-6 June 2020.

Through this workshop, we will select 5 most promising teams (3-5 members) who will receive a seed fund of NPR 100,000/- each and will be mentored by experts for 3 months to implement and create prototype for their business ideas.

Not only that, if your solution is the most promising one, you can also get a chance to represent Nepal in the global generation unlimited challenge with further funding up to $20,000 and a tailored global incubation program from Generation Unlimited partners to grow and scale your business.

The challenge in Nepal is being organized by UNICEF and UNDP. Event implemented by King's College and

5 Most Promising Ideas

Mithilanan Art
Swastha Naari
Team Aarogya

What we offer

  • Invitation to exclusive Social Innovation Bootcamp
    • Five days of the workshop run by experienced Design Thinking facilitators who will empower you and give you the tools to turn your questions into answers.
  • Dedicated mentors
    • Experienced new-gen advisors who will guide you all the way in developing your exciting ideas. You are not alone!
  • Seed grant (NPR 100,000)
    • So you have the resources to test your ideas and create positive changes
  • Technical coaching
    • Does your idea involve technology? No problem! We have experts who can give you hi-tech advice and make your idea shine, for example, support in design, prototype printing, application development etc.
  • Training on developing a business plan
    • We will teach you how to make a smart business plan, business model canvas and much more.
  • 3 months of mentoring
    • The Bootcamp is just the beginning! If your team is ready to move forward, we will be there for you! With your personal mentor, you will support you to be able to change your community for real!
  • Represent Nepal
    • Opportunity to represent Nepal on a global stage among young social innovators.
    • Secure additional $20,000 seed grant to make your ideas come true. Let other countries learn from you!

"We are going to co-design and co-create with young people. So with Generation Unlimited, they are going to be in the driver's seat, steering us all along the way. The time is now. The need is urgent. And 1.8 billion young people are waiting."

Henrietta H. Fore, UNICEF Executive Director

Qualifications of the participants

You are qualified to apply if:

  1. You are 14 – 24 years old (before May 9, 2020)
  2. You are a team of 3 – 5 young people or agree to be part of a team (if applying individually)
  3. You must be a female, other gender holding a birth certificate or national citizenship card of Nepal
  4. Your team can participate in the following activities:
    • One day orientation (during the last week of May)
    • 5-Day Workshop on 2 – 6 June 2020 digitally
    • If your project is selected as one of the 5 national teams, you will be able to participate in further mentoring until August 2020.
    • If your project is selected on the global stage, you will need to be able to carry out your activities as required by UNICEF.

We focus on the diversity of your team: ethnicity, religions, disabilities, demographics etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge?

Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge is an innovation challenge launched in September 2019 hosted by UNICEF and UNDP to inspire young people with brilliant ideas but without adequate resources to come up with solutions to the day-to-day problems they are facing. These young people include young refugees, those who face daily discrimination due to their ethnicity, gender or disability and those who are disadvantaged by poverty.

When is the boot camp happening?

The boot camp is scheduled from 2nd June 2020 to 6th June 2020.

Who can apply in this program?

The program is focused on females and other genders who represent refugee groups, disabled groups or belong to disadvantaged communities.

Who will run the boot camp?

The boot camp will be run by experienced design thinking facilitators who will empower you and will provide you with the tools to turn your questions into answers.

I am currently studying in school. Can I apply?

Yes, if you are a female student or a student of other gender above the age of 14-24.

Can I apply in a team?

Yes, you can apply in a team with the team members with a total of three to five members.

What if I have only two members in my team?

In that case, you have to either increase your team members or apply individually (in which case we'll form the team for you).

What if I have a team with a majority of female members and some male members? Can our team apply?

Yes, your team can apply but only the female members or members from other gender can participate in the program

Can I apply if I already own a business?

Yes. You can apply if you already own a business.

I don’t have any ideas as of yet but I am really interested in learning and meeting people who I can team up with. Can I apply?

Yes. You can apply. We are looking for inspired youths who want to solve a pertinent issue of their society.

Do I have to pay to participate in the program?

No. You don’t have to pay anything. All we need is your commitment, dedication and desire to solve a pertinent issue of the community.

How many countries are associated with the Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge?

For 2020, there are 41 countries that are participating in the Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge.

What do I get from the program?

You will be able to find solutions to the social issues with the help of peer learning and mentors in the boot camp. After that, if your idea is selected, you will be mentored for 3 months where technical and sectoral experts will help you work on the prototype of your business and you will also receive a seed fund of NPR 100,000/- to work on your ideas.

I am currently employed. Is this workshop for aspiring entrepreneurs only?

No. You can still apply if you are employed and meet all the other conditions.

Are only social ideas or enterprises eligible to apply?

That is not the case. However, your ideas or enterprise should generate social impact and work on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be eligible.

What can I use the seed fund for?

The seed fund can only be used to test your ideas based on the milestones you create for the 3 months of mentorship.

I have a great idea but I have no knowledge of doing a business. Will I receive help in that regard?

Yes. We will guide you in making a business plan, develop your business model and help you with other aspects of business.

What will happen in the three months of mentorship?

If you are selected for the mentorship phase, you will be mentored to further work on your ideas, develop your Minimum viable product (MVP) and get support to change your community in real terms.

What kind of further support can I receive after the completion of the 3 month’s mentorship program?

If selected for the global challenge - you get upto $20,000 to further build your idea. You will will also receive international mentorship to scale and grow their business. If your team is selected, you will represent Nepal as the young social entrepreneur among other countries.



Implementing Partner

King's College

Need more information?

You can send your application from today until May 23, 2020 5:00PM via online application form

We will announce the selected teams on May 25, 2020.

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